Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tips for Choosing the Right Steel Targets

The most satisfying targets to shoot have to be steel targets. The impact on steel provides an audible ‘ding’ letting you know you’ve successfully struck your target. They are also extremely durable and able to withstand thousands of impacts before showing any signs of wear and tear. But, not every type of steel is designed for use with firearms and using an inferior material can cause serious injuries caused by dangerous ricochets and shattering of metal plates. So, we’ve put together a list of tips for choosing the right steel for your firing range.

  • Know What You’re Ammo Can Handle – It’s important to be intimately familiar with the ammunition being used when on a gun range. If jacketed, armor piercing or magnum ammunition is being used, a harder steel will be necessary to avoid damaging the steel, which can cause the metal to crack and pit.
  • Always Use Abrasion Resistant Steel – It’s a good idea to use abrasion resistant steel for all shooting targets, as it is designed to allow bullets to disintegrate upon impact. Using less durable metals including aluminum or copper targets can cause punctures as well as dangerous ricochets. Using abrasion resistant steel to manufacture targets ensures they will last for years to come without any signs of compromise or fatigue.
  • Always Use the Proper Accessories – If you’re going to safely shoot steel targets, make sure to only use target stands and accessories designed for the firearms being used. Proper setup of targets and stands will provide additional safety and ensure an injury-free shooting experience.
  • Perform Your Own Tests – Performing your own tests will help determine which steel targets will be needed for the types of ammunition you enjoy using. After performing tests using different calibers & grades of steel, you’ll have a better understanding of how your ammunition performs when striking the various types of AR steel.

Choosing the right type of steel targets can be confusing, and understanding what to consider when buying steel targets can be a nightmare. We use AR200 steel for our 1/4" rimfire targets and AR500 steel for larger calibers & magnum ammunition. Always make sure to start from a safe distance & use protective gear when shooting targets to reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries. How do you choose what type of steel targets you’re going to use? Share your thoughts with us below!

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