Monday, May 2, 2016

The Benefits of Using AR500 Steel for Targets

The Benefits of Using AR500 Steel for Targets

When it comes to target practice, few things are more rewarding than the sound of the bullet striking a steel target and seeing it react as a result of your accurate shot. If you’re considering a purchase of steel targets for use on your property or private range, be sure they are constructed out of AR500 steel. While mild steel targets are cheap and readily available, they lack many important features provided by AR500 steel targets.

AR500 Steel Construction

AR500 steel is an abrasion resistant alloy constructed specifically for harsh conditions and long-term use. It is heat treated for through-hardening purposes and resistant to high impacts for a range of distances and calibers. The AR500 plating is so strong and reliable, it’s used in the development of critical components in power plants and is commonly used for ballistic plate body armor.

Our targets made from AR500 steel are cut using CNC lasers. Unlike plasma torches and other cutting methods, lasers minimize the heat transferred to the metal which can cause metals to become brittle after cutting. This reduces hardness and increases the likelihood of cracking after repeated impacts. The area most affected by cutting the material is called the heat affected zone (HAZ). CNC lasers greatly reduce the HAZ, thereby keeping the steel as close as possible to its originally hardened state.

AR500 Steel Target Benefits

The rigorous development process of AR500 steel makes it a great material to use in the production of steel targets. Some of the benefits include:
·       Will not crater or pit upon impact
·       Greatly reduces chance of ricocheting bullet parts
·       Does not lose its audio response over time
·       Highly rust resistant
·       Will outlast the competition

AR500 steel targets will not form craters or be pierced through upon impact, which is fairly common when using mild steel. Craters and pits are dangerous because they create the possibility of spraying part of a bullet or jacket back to the shooter. This doesn’t happen with AR500 steel due to the hardness of the material. Piercings can also cause the target to lose its audio response over time making it difficult to discern if the target was hit. Since AR500 steel is so difficult to pierce, this concern can be eliminated when the right materials are being used to make steel targets. The final and perhaps most important feature of AR500 steel targets is that they will last a lifetime. This is a feature that is only accomplished through rigorous development and the highest quality standards. With AR500 steel targets, you can rest assured that you are getting a product that’s safe, reliable and the best in the industry! Shop our selection today to find the highest quality AR500 steel targets and target accessories.

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