Friday, April 8, 2016

Top 5 Benefits of Laser-Cut Steel Targets

At XSteel Targets, we use the highest-quality AR500 steel and CNC laser cutting to make our steel targets. This process is superior to plasma cutting or torch cutting in several ways. Since CNC laser cutting of AR500 steel is a somewhat new process, we’ve outlined the most advantageous aspects of laser cutting over other forms of cutting steel targets.

  1. 1The main benefit of CNC laser cutting is its ability to reduce the heat-affected zone, or HAZ. As torches or plasma cutters slice through steel, the excess heat compromises the steel’s edges, causing them to weaken which increases pitting and     erosion  of the target at a rapid pace. Once these targets are in the field, there is no guarantee they won’t be unsafe due to the damage cased in the HAZ area. CNC laser cutting dramatically reduces the HAZ, meaning the steel edges maintain a stronger molecular bond and strength throughout the cutting process. 
  2. It's fast. CNC laser cutting machines are easy to use and are completely programmable. The machines can produce a large number of perfectly cut targets in a fraction of the time it takes to hand-cut steel with torches.
  3. 3.    CNC laser cutting saves on waste thanks to its advanced technology. The HAZ is so small when using CNC laser machines that we are able to use more of our steel to make more high-quality targets.  With plasma and other torches, more precise, narrow cuts are difficult to make and true accuracy is hard to come by.
  4. 4.    CNC laser cutters are able to cut many types of materials, including steel, copper, brass, aluminum, wood, acrylic and many others, with ease. This allows us to make extremely precise cuts without compromising the quality or strength of any material we work with.
  5. 5.    CNC laser cutting is extremely affordable and easy to use. This new technology is easy to operate and allows us to accurately cut more steel targets at a much more affordable rate than with other methods, including torch cutting. Once our CNC laser cutting machines are properly calibrated, the machines do all the work with no additional calibration or adjusting. This allows us to pass the savings directly to our customers.

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